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Our network design is the secret to our quality

our network

100% core network uptime

We have built and assembled an infrastructure designed to handle origination services in a stable, efficient, reliable, cost-effective and flexible manner. Hardware is housed in secure data facilities in major data centers around the globe.

Redundant network

Our private global network is designed to support billions of minutes per day with full geo-redundant capabilities, automated quality and abuse monitoring, and sophisticated routing and reporting systems, all backed by a Network Operations.

Direct peering

DIDWW offers direct peering and interconnection via VoIP or TDM. This enables you to maintain complete control of call termination options and the delivery of inbound calls, resulting in optimum quality, security, management, and performance of your end-to-end voice services. We source our numbers exclusively from local partners or our own subsidiaries, and use numbers directly allocated by the regulator in each country. In order to achieve premium quality and reliability, DIDWW selects at least two Tier1 carriers to aggregate the inbound calls into our network in every country in which we operate.

Powerful, yet simple

simple management

Flexible capacity options

The DIDWW trunk architecture facilitates maximum flexibility and efficiency in channel usage. DIDWW offers a selection of capacity options that allow you to align our DID services to your specific business models. We offer DIDs bundled with 2 dedicated voice channels that are included in the price of the number rental. This option, for example, is suitable for offerings to retail customers who should not be concerned with capacity configuration. Alternatively, DIDs and channels may be purchased separately, as typically required by conferencing service providers and call center operators. In this case, channels may be added or removed as required, and can be assigned to capacity groups for easier and effective management. There is no geographic limitation when including DIDs in channel groups; this prevents oversubscription when operating across multiple global locations. Free, unlimited call capacity (unlimited channels) is provided when using DIDWW toll-free services.

Number availability

We manage a large inventory of DIDs in every country and area code covered by DIDWW. These numbers are available for immediate activation using a Web portal or via our API. Another significant benefit of partnering with DIDWW is our policy of overstocking DIDs. This strategy provides significant peace of mind to customers who are planning a marketing campaign or product-roll out, with uncertain inventory requirements.


DIDWW provides a robust Application Program Interface (API) that enables you to fully integrate the ordering and provisioning of Virtual Phone Numbers within real-time applications, making these processes completely transparent to third parties. Additionally, our API allows software designers to use this interface to build custom applications, specifically suited to your business processes. The DIDWW API connects your customers directly and securely to our infrastructure, allowing you to customize the purchasing, configuration and maintenance of our virtual phone number inventory. Dedicated DIDWW integration teams are available to attend to your specific development requirements.