What Happens if my Payment is Declined?

If your payment is declined, an automatic notification message is sent from DIDWW to the email address listed in your account. After receiving such notice, we recommend that you take immediate action to remedy this problem so as to avoid your services from being disconnected. Also, please contact our staff by emailing Customer Care customer.care@didww.com to describe the nature of the problem and specify your progress in remedying this issue.

If your credit balance is insufficient, services may be automatically suspended until further credit is applied. To avoid such issues, you are advised to regularly check the status of your account, and have a valid credit card or an alternative payment method set in your DIDWW account at all times.

If you are unable to find a satisfactory answer to your question in this FAQ, please explore our DIDWW knowledgebase, or contact customer service at customer.care@didww.com.

For additional support options, see https://www.didww.com/Contacts/.