DIDWW Carrier Inbound Services delivers complete inbound voice services to customers around the world. The product architecture provides call flows that are secure, scalable and of carrier class quality, making DIDWW Carrier Inbound Services an industry-leading offering.

With our global footprint, robust network infrastructure, SLA-based offerings and enhanced call forwarding capabilities, DIDWW presents a comprehensive, one-stop shop for DID and inbound voice services.

We are committed to your success in meeting your business objectives. You can rely on our global connectivity, telecommunications expertise and supreme customer experience in order to make your business thrive.

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Global Coverage

We provide the largest international coverage of virtual numbers, with global presence in over 60 countries and thousands of area codes around the world.

Network Infrastructure

Our solid and robust network together with strategically-placed and secured POPs enables us to create a state-of-the-art IP backbone, delivering world-class voice services with predictable QoS (Quality of Service).


Our services have been designed to provide the highest standards of reliability and availability. In addition, DIDWW commits to industry-leading Service Level Agreements to suit your requirements.

Premium Quality

Together with our direct network connections, strict routing procedures and constant monitoring techniques, DIDWW is the natural choice for quality-conscious carriers seeking premium voice services.

Call Forwarding Options

Our flexible, scalable and secure voice solution enables our customers to utilize a wide range of call forwarding options, including VoIP and SS7 over public or dedicated connections.


Due to our international presence and extensive footprint, we are able to offer a variety of cost effective pricing plans that enable you to better serve your customers and present attractive up and cross-sale opportunities.


Our global team of telecommunications professionals provide 24/7 support, maintenance and network monitoring in order to facilitate the delivery of premium voice services.


Our extensive inventory of local numbers allows immediate service activation and on-line ordering.


The business challenge faced by communication providers is how to attract new customers while retaining existing ones in the competitive mobile phone service market. Voice communication providers are forced to continually deliver innovative solutions in order to better serve existing clients, attract new customers, and drive revenue growth.

For companies seeking a competitive edge, a solution may be found in the form of new and innovative products such as DID (Direct Inward Dialing) services and associated call forwarding. By offering customers virtual numbers (DIDs/DDIs) from around the globe and forwarding calls to the customer’s destination of choice, communication providers may maximize revenues from their loyal customer base.

This is done by forwarding inbound calls via DID numbers to the customer’s mobile or landline phone, according to the customer’s preference, thus opening new horizons for an additional steady stream of revenue.

DID end-users allow friends and family to keep in touch by dialing a local phone number. Business customers have additional advantage – they enjoy a global presence by introducing local phone numbers in selected geographies. The result is increased inbound traffic, increased ARPU (Average Revenue per User), and immediate revenue growth.

To offer such services, communication providers must provide global DID coverage over a robust, reliable, and high quality platform. In addition, sophisticated API capabilities allow integrated access to purchasing and configuration of services, with full control, management and monitoring.

By partnering with DIDWW, complete inbound services are immediately available to communication providers, resulting in quick access to additional revenue. DIDWW provides global DID coverage and rapid and efficient system integration while maintaining the highest standards of call quality, reliability, and customer care, resulting in an overall, cost effective solution.

The addition of worldwide inbound calling services to a communication provider’s product portfolio is a simple, logical, and effective step in maintaining your competitive edge.