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Outbound SIP trunking in Portugal with truly local dialing

Expand your business communications globally with premium quality SIP trunks

Why customers choose DIDWW outbound SIP trunking in Portugal?

Professional service quality

Premium routes with carrier-grade audio quality for full PSTN replacement solutions in Portugal

Truly local dialing

Direct interconnection with local operators to achieve premium voice quality at competitive termination rates

Flexible SIP trunk settings

Custom SIP trunking configuration profiles, geo-optimised routing, CLI options and capacity limits

Real-time SIP trunk configuration

Sophisticated VoIP trunk configuration options via DIDWW user-friendly online self-service portal

Free unlimited call capacity

Scalable network with outbound SIP trunks providing unlimited concurrent VoIP calls

Secure VoIP service

Encrypted VoIP configurable per SIP trunk, DIGEST and IP authentication, VPN interconnection and TLS/SRTP security

Monitoring and abuse prevention

Live statistics, outbound calling settings for destination blocking and configurable SIP trunk expenditure limitations

Fully compliant service

Matching all regulatory requirements for operators, enterprises, businesses of any size, wholesale VoIP providers

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