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DIDWW offers a powerful outbound SIP trunking solution, enabling customers to reach fixed, mobile and toll-free phones around the globe. Local dialing is currently supported in 35 countries, providing customers with access to the traditional telephony network, including calling to local, mobile, toll-free, short and emergency numbers.

Quality and Scalability

Quality and Scalability

Outbound SIP traffic is delivered via DIDWW's high-capacity, global platform, directly peered with a range of selected incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs). This partnership ensures excellent audio quality, ultra-high availability and rock-solid reliability.

The network is fully scalable, and DIDWW's outbound SIP trunks provide unlimited concurrent call capacity. Users may add as many trunks as required to support their specific communications model or customer base.

Flexibiity and Configuration

Flexibility and Configuration

A highly flexible outbound trunk architecture has been implemented, allowing users to support multiple and diverse customers, each with their own custom trunk configuration profile. Of specific importance is the selection of the caller ID that is displayed to call recipients, and users may manage this parameter to include local, mobile and toll-free numbers.

Outbound SIP trunks are created via the DIDWW online User Panel, with extensive options being available for supporting a wide range of configuration and call restriction requirements.

Security and Monitoring

Security and Monitoring

DIDWW offers a series of call-filtering features that may be configured on a per-trunk basis, allowing customers to restrict outbound calls and to ensure that no undesired traffic is sent. These filtering tools include username and IP address authentications. In addition, fully customizable dialplan and routing rules may be applied on a per-trunk basis, enforcing destination restrictions and processing re-route SIP codes for certain types of calls, such as those made to international or premium numbers.

Monitoring tools are provided, and CDRs are generated on a per-trunk basis. In addition, DIDWWs proactive fraud monitoring platform provides alerts to customers regarding potentially suspicious calling activities.

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