DIDWW Solution Partners are comprised of selected, certified software and platform vendors from around the world who offer technology that complements DIDWW’s own products.

Together, our expertise in products and systems and in-depth industry experience allows us to deliver proven, interoperable and complete solutions to our customers.

By choosing voice services from DIDWW and our partners, you are assured of working with leading vendors who bring superior and highly reliable solutions to market.


PortaOne creates software solutions enabling VoIP service providers and carriers to offer multiple telecommunication services with just a single software platform. PortaOne products are built around converged VoIP billing software platform combined with class 4-5 SIP soft switch and media applications for conferencing, IVR and unified messaging.


Telinta founded in 2002, offers secure and reliable cloud-based solutions for VoIP service providers. Their full portfolio of white label solutions is highly customizable for a customer. TeliCore™ is a robust platform, integrating world-class carrier-grade Switching and Billing capabilities, brandable portals, Mobile and Desktop Softphones, and more.


New Concept Technologies (NCT) is a leading application development and telecommunication company with offices in Australia and USA, supported by global resellers network. Our products are compatible with SIP based applications/equipment manufactured around the world. NCT solutions are highly scalable, user friendly, modular, flexible, and integrated with a mature VoIP Billing System, Provisioning System, Auto-configuration system and variety of other advanced features.


Daktela is effective, affordable, and easy-to-use call centre software for small to large businesses. We are cloud based Call Centre Software solution with support of phone, email, web-chat, SMS, Viber and Whatsapp communication channels in one web application. Our Call Centre Software solution offers reliable and cost-effective voice and SMS services. You can activate new phone numbers or port-in existing numbers from more than 60+ countries. Daktela is trusted by more than 850+ customers in Europe. We offer free 14-day trial.

VCC Live

VCC Live is a Cloud Contact Center software provider that helps companies manage a wide range of customer communications through a variety of channels, including Phone, SMS, Email, Webchat, WhatsApp, and Social media.


Shifton is a multi-functional online solution which ensures stable workflow within a company. Shifton can provide your business with tools like shift and break scheduling, shift swapping, time-off management, time-clock and payroll calculations. Shifton is easy to use and affordable SaaS platform, which integrates with your current tools and saves you hundreds of monthly hours spent on scheduling and workforce management.


Springboard provides a comprehensive platform for managing and optimising your voice and messaging businesses with a flexible model for developing bespoke capabilities.


Infinity are leaders in call intelligence. We provide tools that help you unearth transformational insights from every phone call so you can drive more sales, optimise your marketing activity and streamline operations.


INVADE provides the industry’s leading predictive dialling solution with patented answer machine detection anywhere, for as long as it’s needed. INVADE provides optimal call rate performance and is used by leading global market research companies.