“DID Reseller” is a dynamic, new initiative by DIDWW to present and demonstrate a complete e-commerce business solution based on the open source Content Management System “Joomla!” in conjunction with our API 2.0. This project offers a complete list of API functions, code examples and business processes making it a comprehensive white-label toolkit. New or existing telephony e-commerce ventures are expanded and deployed with minimal development effort and within an extremely short period of time. The toolkit offers a full e-commerce business solution, including friendly user interfaces for configuring and managing DIDs, billing, CRM and our industry leading phone.systems™.

This toolkit significantly changes the world of inbound telephony, and provides considerable benefits to you and your customers. You can now include a Virtual PBX at no cost as an integral part of your voice services. This means that you and your customers have access to PBX features such as:

Incoming calls from one or many local numbers

Outbound calls from one or many local numbers

Internal extensions with free of charge calls between the extensions

Mobile Apps for incoming and outgoing calls

Calls forwarded to any phone number (landline or mobile) and VoIP destinations

Calls forwarded to multiple destinations simultaneously or by predefined order

Full IVR facilities, with calls being transferred directly to extensions or voicemail as required

Voicemail messages being sent to selected email addresses

Ring and hunt groups, with time-based call routing

Dial tone access for outbound calls (DISA)

Message recording and playback, including file uploading and text-to-speech facilities

Fax reception, with forwarding to email

Conference rooms, hosting multiple participants with full privacy

Notification of selected events via email or SMS, with intelligent variables throughout the call flow

Blacklists for blocking unwanted callers

Record phone calls sent to a predefined email address as an attachment after the termination of each call.

Access to “DID Reseller” is free of charge and no licensing fees are applicable. The DIDWW white-label toolkit is published as an open source project under the GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2).

To test drive the “DID Reseller” demo website, please visit didreseller.com

For access to source code, documentation and the community forum, please visit open.didww.com