Service Purchase

Prepaid balance should be topped up with at least 50 USD in order to acquire any service.

Step 1. Choose menu option "DID Numbers" and click "Order new DIDs" button (Fig. 1).

DID Numbers section

Fig. 1."DID Numbers" section

This step can be carried out in alternative ways:

  • By using "Pricing and Coverage" section from the menu on the left.
  • By expanding drop down list at amount of DIDs on the very top menu and pressing "Buy new DIDs" button. (Fig. 2)
Buy new DIDs option.

Fig. 2."Buy new DIDs" option.

Step 2. Select a desired area of the DID you wish to order and click “Add to cart” [ ] button (Fig. 3).

Add to cart option.

Fig. 3. "Add to cart" option.

Step 3. Once "Add to cart" button is clicked, a new window will pop up (Fig. 4). The details of the order, including VAT if applicable, will be shown there. It includes ability to change capacity option or quantity of needed DIDs as well as recurring period. To continue, please press "Proceed to checkout". To add additional areas press "Continue shopping".

Proceed to checkout option.

Fig. 4."Proceed to checkout" option.

Step 4. When clicked "Proceed to checkout", registration requirements (if required), additional notes for the DID area and a full order summary will be displayed. To complete the order, please agree with additional notes where applicable (Fig. 5).

Registration requirement and note example.

Fig. 5.Registration requirement and note example.

Step 5. When the requirements are read and agreed the "Complete order" button will appear (Fig. 6).

Order summary.

Fig. 6.Order summary.

Once the order is completed, notification of successful purchase will be displayed and an e-mail with order confirmation will be sent.

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