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Purchasing DIDs

Step 1. Users may purchase DID numbers by:

Expanding the drop down menu at the top of the Management Portal page where the number of DIDs in the account is displayed, and selecting the ”Buy new DIDs” option. (Fig. 1).

Buy new DIDs option

Fig. 1."Buy new DIDs" option.

By selecting “Pricing and Coverage” from the left-hand menu to directly search for and purchase global DID numbers (Fig. 2).

Pricing and Coverage

Fig. 2.Using the "Pricing and Coverage" menu

By selecting “DID Numbers” from the left-hand menu to display the current DID inventory in your account, and then selecting “Order New DIDs” (Fig. 3).

Ordering DIDs

Fig. 3."Ordering DIDs from the "DID Numbers" page

Note that the prepaid balance on your account must be a minimum of 50 USD in order to purchase services.

Step 2. The “Coverage, Pricing and Purchasing” page allows users to search for and purchase global DID numbers by entering the country and optionally the city name/prefix of the required numbers. Extensive filtering parameters may be applied to number searches, including the service type, number type, billing options and registration requirements (Fig. 4).

Enter the required DID search parameters to display the available coverage. To purchase DIDs, optionally set the required capacity for the DID, and select the order quantity for the selected number. Click on the Register For Free. button to add this order to your cart (Fig. 4).

add to cart option

Fig. 4."Add to cart" option.

Step 3. Once the ”Add to cart” button has been clicked, a new window will displayed showing the order details, including the VAT (if applicable). Users may change the capacity setting, the quantity of DIDs to be purchased, as well as the recurring billing period. To continue with this purchase, press ”Proceed to checkout”, or select close to remove this item from the shopping cart. To add other purchases prior to checking out, press ”Continue shopping” (Fig. 5).

Proceed to checkout

Fig. 5."Proceed to checkout" option.

Step 4. Once “Proceed to checkout” has been selected, the registration and legal requirements for the DIDs, as well as any additional notes pertaining to the DID country/region are displayed (if applicable). In addition, a full summary of the order is presented.

Before completing this order, you must select “Agree” to indicate your acceptance of the specific requirements relevant to the DIDs to be purchased (Fig. 6).

Registration requirements must be agreed to before continuing

Fig. 6.Registration requirements must be agreed to before continuing

Step 5. If the DID requirements are agreed to, then the “Complete order” button will appear (Fig. 7).

Order summary and completion.

Fig. 7.Order summary and completion.

Once the order has been completed, a notification of successful purchase will be displayed and an e-mail with the order confirmation will be sent.

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