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How to send SMS directly from your User Panel

Outbound SMS traffic is delivered via DIDWW’s high-capacity, global platform, directly peered with a range of selected incumbent local exchange carriers. Configuration, management and monitoring of outbound SMS trunks are available through the DIDWW User Panel. To send an Outbound SMS, navigate to the Trunks section and choose SMS OUT.

Accessing SMS sending tool Fig. 1. Accessing SMS sending tool

To send a new SMS, select Send sms (Fig. 1) and a window with the required Outbound SMS settings will be opened (Fig. 2). The parameters required to send an SMS are:

Source Address - Select a specific DID number to be used as the Source Address for your SMS;
Destination - A destination number that your SMS will be sent to. Enter this number using international format;
Text - The text of the message that is being sent.

Sending an SMS message Fig. 2. Sending an SMS message

Once all the parameters have been entered, simply click the Send button to deliver your message.

The message encoding will be set automatically. GSM-7 encoding contains all Latin-based Western European characters and up to 160 characters per message, or 154 characters for a multi-part message.

UCS-2 encoding contains characters of all living languages and up to 70 characters per message, or 67 characters for a multi-part message.

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