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DID Numbers

All numbers assigned to account are listed in "DID Numbers" section.

Additional subsections appear according to the number status (Fig. 1):

  • "ALL" - all available DID numbers under your account.
  • "Active" - configured DID numbers with positive service time left.
  • "Not configured" - numbers which have no trunk or capacity assigned to receive incoming calls.
  • "Awaiting registration" - DIDs which are pending till additional registration process is completed.
  • "Terminated" - numbers with no service time or removed.
DID Numbers section.

Fig. 1. "DID Numbers" section.

DID numbers can be exported by clicking “Download CSV”. New numbers can be purchased by proceeding to “Order new DIDs” (Fig. 2).

Batch action and export positions.

Fig.2. Batch action and export positions.

DID(s) can be managed through batch action from the list (Fig. 2).

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