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Colombian country code "57" as well as city prefix are not dialed when calling within the same city using landline.

Dialing Colombia, Barranquilla number from another Barranquilla landline number, dial 1234567 instead of 57-5-1234567.

Dialing from one Columbian city to another using a landline phone, the 2-digit long distance operator prefix*, followed by the area code and then the 7-digit local number should be added. For example, for calls to Barranquilla from another city within Colombia, dial xx-5-1234567.

Dialing a Colombian DID number from a mobile phone, please dial 03 followed by the relevant area code and then dial the 7-digit local number. For example, for calls made from a mobile operator to Medellin DID number, please dial 03-4-2040577.

*Long distance prefix for Telecom – Movistar is 09 (not supported with Medellin numbers), UNE Telecomunicaciones is 05, and ETB is 07.

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